God loves us extravagantly, ridiculously, without limit or condition.
― Roberta Bondi (via heldinhishands)

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I will NOT lose my SALVATION

Just because someone does not agree.
Just because I have a bad day.
Just because I love someone who does not have the same beliefs.
Just Because society is against my beliefs.
Just because things don’t go “my” way.
Just because I am so consumed with “me”.
Just because it’s not the movement of the “now”.
Just because there is a movement of watered down Christianity.
I will NOT let this fire burn down, I pray that The Holy Spirit would help me to keep that fire going. I will NOT CONFORM TO THE PATTERN OF THIS WORLD(Romans12:2). I will not ignore the will of GOD for MY LIFE.
I will not forget what Jesus did on the cross for me.
I will not play with sin.
I will not spend time talking bad about others.
I will not spend time letting negative talk come out of my mouth.
I will not let the enemy take what is mine.
BUT I WILL live each day seeking more of Him. Seeking more of His truths. Living out what the word says. I will become who God destined and created me to be. I will be obedient to His leading. In the name of Jesus.

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